The tools menu provides a number of configuration, backup and diagnostic features.


The Options dialog allows configuration of common options that are used across all virtual printers and actions:

Options dialog

Before and After are sets of actions that are common to all virtual printers, typically you will put logging or archiving actions in these properties but it could be anything you need to run for every printer.

Multi Threaded

By default each virtual printer runs it’s actions independently of other virtual printers. This means if you have a very large document on one printer that doesn’t block smaller documents on other printers. This may cause problems if you are calling an external application so set this option to only allow a single document to process at any time. Note this will not change the order documents are processed on a printer, they are always handled on a first-in first-out basis.


These options let you configure Print Distributor for your mail server and are used by the Send Mail action to Send messages.

Open Config Folder

Print Distributor keeps it’s options and log files in a folder in %ProgramData%, this menu gives you quick access to this folder.

Test Print

Send a Windows test page to a virtual printer, this is handy when you are setting up a new printer and want to check if it works. This is function is also available on the toolbar and from a context menu on the virtual printer.

Raw Print

Send a raw .prn, .ps or .pcl file directly to a printer, bypassing the printer driver.

Backup and Restore

Backup and restore your virtual printers. You can restore a configuration from versions 5 and 6 as well as current versions.

During restore Print Distributor may prompt you to add drivers if the originals aren’t available, you can choose an alternative if the original isn’t available.