Ghostscript PS2PDF

Note: Print Distributor has now been discontinued.

Ghostscript is a tool that converts PostScript print streams into PDF files. The Ghostscript action in Print Distributor makes it easy to call Ghostscript as part of your actions.

In order to use this action you will need to select a PostScript compatible printer driver when you create your virtual printer. Most business class laser printers have a PostScript driver available as an option. As a fall back the Microsoft Microsoft PS Class Driver is included with Windows.

Before you start you need to download and install Ghostscript. We recommend the 64 bit edition if you are running 64 bit Windows otherwise the 32 bit edition. You shouldn’t need to modify the source code so the AGPL licensed version should be fine for the majority of cases.

Once you have installed Ghostscript you need to set the path to the command line version in the Options dialog in Print Distributor.

The executable will be named gswin32c.exe or gswin64c.exe depending on whether you are using the 32 or 64 bit edition. The ‘c’ at the end of the name refers to the command line version which is important.

The property Diagnostics sends any error output from Ghostscript to the Print Distributor log, this should be off by default as it does result in the Ghostscript command window popping up every time a print is processed. Only set this if you know you have a problem.

The properties of the Ghostscript action are quite simple, the Destination Path is templated so you can include variables and the directories will be created automatically if they don’t already exist.

If Overwrite Destination is false and the file already exists then Print Distributor will throw an exception, otherwise it will overwrite the file.

Additional Options lets you pass in additional command line flags, so you could enter -dFirstPage=2 to skip the first page for instance.

Note: This action is available in versions from 2017.06.11 onwards.

Disclaimer: Although we can support the integration of Print Distributor and Ghostscript we can’t be responsible for any bugs in the Ghostcript product itself. We will do what we can but this is someone elses product.