Load Balancing

The Load Balancing action lets you spread your print load across a number of printers.

To use it add a Load Balancing action and in that add a RePrint action for each printer you want to spread the load across.

Print Distributor makes a basic check to see if the printer is available before using it, if it isn’t it will go on to the next printer in the list. A printer is unavailable if it is paused or there is a job in the queue with an error status. If all the printers are unavailable then the next printer in the list is used regardless as Print Distributor needs to spool the job.

Reprint with load balancing

The example above uses the Reprint action but it could be any other action including a Direct Reprint or a Run Program action.

Note: If you are not getting notifications of errors like paper out or toner low on the printer in Windows then enable snmp in the port configuration for the printer.

Note: Print Distributor will not split large jobs or query the printer status directly.