The Reprint action sends the raw print job directly to another Windows printer queue.

You can use it on its own to distribute the same document to many printers:

Reprint to multiple printers

You can also use it in conjunction with the Load Balancing action to spread the printing load across a group of printers:

Reprint with load balancing


The Printer Name property controls which printer to reprint to. You can select the printer from a drop down list or if it is on another printer server you can use the UNC path (\ServerName\PrinterShareName) to the printer.

The Spool Paused Job property sends the document to the print queue in a paused state, it then needs to be manually resumed to enable it to print.

The Reprint actions bypasses the printer driver so it isn’t possible to change any printer options such as the paper tray from what was set in the virtual printer.