Print Distributor 4.2 Release

Note: Print Distributor has now been discontinued.

29 September 2008

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Print Distributor 4.2.

The main enhancements for Print Distributor 4.2 are around the script action and conditions. The script editor has been improved and now includes the ability to debug your scripts in the editor making script writing easier.

There are new script globals which let you test on the number of copies in a print, whether duplex is selected, the paper source and paper size.

A new exception handling mechanism has been introduced which lets you test for errors such as failed network connections and take appropriate action. For instance if Print Distributor is set to write files to a remote server but that server is down you can redirect the files to a local drive instead.

Unicode support allows extended characters in the print information to be carried through and we now support print files greater than 4GB on platforms which support this.

There have been a number of small bug fixes and general usability enhancements.

Print Distributor 4.2 is a free upgrade for owners of Print Distributor versions 4 and 4.1 and for customers with up to date software assurance.

Print Distributor 4.2 can be downloaded from here