Print Distributor 5.0 Release

Note: Print Distributor has now been discontinued.

5 April 2010

Print Distributor 5 has been released.

New features in version 5 include:

The new RunAs action allows you to run actions under the context of another user. This means you can save files on remote servers and print to remote print servers without changing the service account.

Live logging shows you logs on the server as they happen making debugging easier, this is particularly useful if you are writing scripts using the script action.

We have dropped the trial wrapper software we were using in previous versions and replaced it with our own less aggressive code. This will make Print distributor more robust and keycode entry easier.

The Tools menu now has backup and restore items to help with migrating projects to new machines.

There are also many small cosmetic changes and bug fixes.

The trial can be downloaded from here.

Upgrades are available for version 3.xx and 4.xx customers. If you have a current software assurance agreement then you will receive your new key codes in the next week or so.