Ghostscript integration

Note: Print Distributor has now been discontinued.

12 June 2017

Print Distributor now has a Ghostscript action that will convert PostScript files to PDF automatically. This has always been available via the Run Program action but was quite tricky to setup correctly. Now it’s as simple as adding the Ghostscript action to your list of actions.

Further details are available in the documentation.

There are also some minor bug fixes in this release:

  • Before and After actions are now only enboldened if they don’t contain the default configuration.
  • Fix for Options dialog cosmetic changes in .Net 4.7
  • Fixed a bug which stopped templates being resolved in the File Attachment object.
  • Replaced code signing certificate.
  • Fixed a race condition that would cause a data area too small error and stop the service.

This is a free update for users with license for versions 5.xx, 6.xx and 2017.xx.