Supported versions

Note: Print Distributor has now been discontinued.

18 December 2010

We have had a few questions about how long we support our software for so I thought I would clarify the policy.

The policy is to support the current version and the previous two major versions. Right now the current version of Print Distributor is 5.1 so this means we will support any 5.xx version and 3.xx and 4.xx versions but not any 2.xx versions.

So what does it mean to support a version? We will provide advice and guidance, test any issues you report and fix bugs. Once a version is no longer supported it doesn’t mean it will stop working, just that we will not do any further work on it.

Our operating system support is tied to Microsoft, so as long as Microsoft is supporting a version of Windows we will continue to test and support it in our products. Once Microsoft has declared the end of life of a Windows version then we will do the same in the next major release. For instance earlier this year Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 2000 so the next major release of Print Distributor will also drop support for Windows 2000.

Should you keep up to date with the current release? You don’t have to but you will probably find it easier to upgrade when new versions are released rather than wait until you are forced to. Minor upgrades are free of charge (ie from 5.0 to 5.1), major upgrades (i.e. from 4.3 to 5.0) are available at 50% of the full product price.

Note: All upgrades are now free of charge for version 5.0 onwards, if you own a license for 5.0 you can use it on the current release.