Note: Print Distributor has now been discontinued.

30 April 2017

We have just released an update to Print Distributor, again this is mainly a bug fix release with a couple of small features.

  • The foreground service background window is now created off screen so it doesn’t flicker on startup.
  • The foreground service now runs with the STAThread attribute.
  • Upgraded dependencies including NUnit, FakeItEasy, Newtonsoft.Json and Scintilla.
  • PowerShell scripts now show a meaningful message if the Windows Management Framework is required and missing.
  • Added variables YE, MO, DA, HO, MI, SE, WD for compatibility with legacy versions.
  • Fix for property grid changes in .Net 4.7 (including Windows Creators Update).

This is a free update for users with license for versions 5.xx, 6.xx and 2017.xx.