Direct Printing - 2020 release

Note: Print Distributor has now been discontinued.

14 January 2020

The main new feature in Print Distributor 2020 is the direct virtual printer. This printer listens directly on a TCP/IP socket and processes incoming jobs. For most people the Standard virtual printer is still the best choice however we do encounter some systems that only have the ability to print to an IP based printer.

PowerShell has superseded the VBScript and JScript languages, in light of this we have deprecated the Script action and replaced it with a dedicated PowerShell action. If you have existing Script actions with the language set to PowerShell then they will be upgraded to PowerShell actions automatically.

Additional changes include:

  • Added support for the new Microsoft Software Printer Driver.
  • Fixed an issue with printer list not updating when a printer is removed via the context menu.
  • Simplified the Log Message default message.
  • Added handlers for uncaught exceptions in the Manager application.
  • The split window is now divided in half by default.
  • The font for the Script and Template editors is now Consolas if it is present.
  • Double clicking on Condition, Script or RunAs actions now launches an editor.
  • Added a rename context menu to the standard and legacy printers.
  • Added a change printer driver context menu to the standard and legacy printers.
  • Changing a printers name from outside Print Distributor is now immediately reflected inside the Manager application.
  • Fixed an issue with some variables not appearing when running the Script action on 32 bit platforms.
  • Load Balancing action now uses notification rather than polling if all its children are Reprint actions.
  • Updated the installer.
  • The status strip is now disabled when the spooler stops.
  • Starting the foreground service no longer causes the main window to lose focus.
  • Port and printer cleanup on startup is now exhaustive.
  • Changes to objects via the property grid now support undo/redo.
  • Fixed overlapping label in printer selection dialog.
  • New standard and high dpi icons everywhere.
  • Removed some 3rd party dependencies.

As always this is a free upgrade for users with version 5 or later licenses.