Logging - 2018 release

Note: Print Distributor has now been discontinued.

1 January 2018

Our first release of 2018 brings some enhancements to the logging in Print Distributor. We have introduced more logging levels so now you will see Trace, Info, Warning and Error messages in the log. These are all available in the Log Message action for your own logging. The options include an entry for the minimum logging level so you can filter out unwanted noise, by default this is set at Info so Trace messages aren’t included. The log also includes seconds in the time column as well as the printer name, this is useful if you have many printers running concurently. Finally log messages from the manager program are logged in a separate file, manager.txt.

Some of the other changes since the last major release include

  • Fixed a bug with handling long jobs on legacy queue introduced with last release.
  • Fixed bug with legacy queue not handling jobs serially.
  • Send Mail action now uses merged version of templates in the log.
  • Updated winsvc to the latest version.
  • Exceptions in Accumulate actions triggered by a timeout are now caught and logged.
  • Password now serialises correctly when using the Send Mail action with the Accumulate object.
  • Mail server password is now encrypted in temporary JSON context files.
  • Fixed a bug with multithreaded option being inverted.
  • Upgraded Newtonsoft JSON.Net.
  • Restored reprint notification logging.
  • VBScript, JavaScript and Condition expressions now have access to the Context through a global variable Context.

This is a free update for users of version 5.00 or later.