Print Distributor and Mail Print Coupon

Note: Print Distributor has now been discontinued.

3 July 2011

Use the coupon code EVERYONE to apply a 5% discount to any online order for Mail Print or Print Distributor.

Why are we doing this? Well not surprisingly, when people see a field in our order page to apply a coupon, they search Google for a coupon code. The problem is there are a number of affiliate web sites that optimise their pages for search terms like “Print Distributor Coupon” or “Mail Print Coupon”. These sites offer a discount that isn’t available, if you click on their discount link they really set an affiliate cookie at our e-commerce partner, Plimus. This doesn’t work for them as we don’t use affiliates but that doesn’t stop their spammy sites appearing in Google. So hopefully, given some time, this post will appear above them in the search rankings and your surfing can remain clean and wholesome.