New release

Note: Print Distributor has now been discontinued.

16 March 2017

We have just released an update to Print Distributor, this is mainly a bug fix release with a couple of small features.

  • The script editor now pops up automatically when you add a Script action.
  • Page count is now reflected in any reprinted documents.
  • The To, Cc and Bcc fields in the Send Mail action now support template variables.
  • Fixed a bug with the document name not being carried through on a reprint.
  • Fixed a bug with keycodes with Unicode hyphens instead of ASCII hyphens.
  • Fixed positioning of icons in object chooser.
  • Fixed vertical positioning of text in object chooser.
  • Fixed a deadlock that occured when the license expired and the Windows service was installed.
  • The Print Distributor management application now monitors the Print Spooler service and shows an error message if it is not running.
  • New printers are now created set to start printing after the whole job is spooled.
  • Starting and stopping either service now shows a progress window.
  • If setting attributes on a new printer fails it is retried up to five times (the spooler can be slow to recognise the new printer).
  • Fixed an issue with Gmail certificates and removed the property “Ignore SSL Errors” from the options.

This is a free update for users with license for versions 5.xx, 6.xx and 2017.xx.